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Sean T. McBeth


Aut viam invenium aut facium "I will find a way or make one" (often attributed to Hannibal) Software developer by day, mad scientist by night. I use the space to build analog music circuits; I've gotten pretty handy with the simple 555 astable tone generator. I'm on hand to answer any programming, database, or web related questions.

Current Projects

Some stuff I'm working on:

  • A top secret project involving analog music circuits
  • Redesigning the website
  • The Smoking Man - An art installation with an anti-smoking message.
  • Neighborhood Cleanup - There are a lot of weeds and garbage on our block, which make it very uninviting. We've already done quite a bit of work, but there is more that can still be done.
  • Board - I'm actively involved with the management of Hive76.

Completed Projects

Some stuff I did:

  • Linguistics Kiosk - Brendan and I were commissioned to build a kiosk for the Tyler School of Art that tests attendees of a talk on linguistics on their retention of the information in the talk.
  • Laser Harp - I built an electronic music instrument for a local artist.
  • Open House Projects - I ran the Bristle Bot build as one of the first mini projects for Open House. I showed people how to make ferrofluid and we played around with the gook for a while.
  • Making Paint - out of raw materials.
  • Neighborhood Cleanup - we did one cleanup project so far, sweeping the street and weeding out a large garden box in front of the building. Though "weeding" was more like deforestation, it had gotten so overgrown.
  • Tresling - a combination of competitive, head-to-head Tetris and arm wrestling. The game came out really well, with music provided by Brendan Schrader.
  • I was the Events Coordinator for the Winter 2010/Spring 2011 session.
  • PAFA Installation - This went off rather well, generating a lot of new interest in the space.
  • The Kaufman Beverage Elevator - an inside joke that officially went too far when Google searches for "Beverage Elevator" returned this site as the #1 result
  • Atari Punk Console - I built a sweet Atari Punk Console that now lives in our trophy case.
  • Burning Zombie Dummy - I built a special effects dummy for an independent film crew. It was... pretty freaking awesome.
  • Top Secret Rosies - I designed the flyer used to advertise the event.
  • Trenton Ave Fest - I designed the layout for the placard sign and helped run the booth selling bike safety light and odometer kits.

Incomplete Projects

I probably shouldn't start this list because it will get out of hand. But I like being honest about these things, because I think people in general have an anxiety about their own personal project completion rate that is based in unreasonable expectations. So, I'm going to keep a list of my failures in addition to my successes so everyone can feel better about themselves.

  • Philly MUD - A small Multi-User Dungeon written in Scheme.
  • Mixed drinks - I was organizing a presentation and workshop on mixed drinks and molecular gastronomy. There was a fair bit of interest, but everyone got super busy with other projects and dropped the ball.
  • Hacker Field Day - Hive and NextFab Studios were going to do a competitive hack-off for Philly Science Fest and Philly Tech Week, but we all ran out of time to organize properly.