Open House Projects

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We try to have fun activity for members and guests to participate in at every open house. Each member is responsible for volunteering one open house a quarter to supply the project and the materials involved.

This Was Awesome!

DIY Glow Sticks Bristle Bots

Let's Do It!

Musical Gift Cards Fun with Static Electricity Craft Robo lessons MSP430 Christmas Ornaments RFID Shielding Slap Tubes Casting Silicone Plushie Party Confetti Bombs Solderless Drawdio Tiny Oscillator Advanced Paper Airplanes BEAM bots - Audiotropes BEAM bots - Phototropes BEAM bots - Thermotropes BEAM bots - Radiotropes Making Prince Rupert's Drops Stereo Photography Fun Slide Whistle Synth Toy

Well That Sucked...