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From The List: "To move towards incorporation, we will need a board of directors. A Board of Directors is 5-8 people that meet 4 - 6 times a year, for 6-8 hours (a day). They review what the group is up to as a whole, and advise/review/grow. I think this meeting should be followed by a party, but that's just my$0.02. I'd say 2-3 of the people should be non Hive members who have an outside view on things. Elected every other year, or when someone steps down."

Board Meeting Notes

Here's a list of Board Meetings and attached notes

  1. Board Meeting Notes 2010-11-22
  2. Board Meeting Notes 2010-10-30
  3. Board Meeting Notes 2010-04-17

The Current Board

Alex Hillman

Alex is a relentless champion for Philadelphia and the people in it. He Co-founded Indy Hall in 2006 and is a member/leader of independent business and creative communities. His focus on the long lasting value of building trusting relationships makes him a great fit on our board. He's excited about his new position here at Hive76 and looks forward to helping build a bigger and stronger community with in it.

Erin Franke

Erin is the owner of her own Full-Stack Web development firm which focuses on accessibility development and section 508 compliance. In addition to her accessibility firm, Erin has experience in helping small businesses and non-profits to scale up. She knows the ins and outs of taking missions in new directions and expanding services. Erin offers her knowledge of non-profit development models to Hive76 so that we can continue to grow.

Jordan Miller

Jordan Miller (@jmil) is one of the founding members of Hive76, Jordan Miller knows the organization better than anyone. Jordan Champions open source hardware and software and advocates it's use in education and science. Jordan holds a PhD in bioengineering and is currently an assistant professor of bioengineering at Rice University in Houston, TX. His research combines chemistry and rapid prototyping to direct cultured human cells to form more complex organizations of living vessels and tissues.

Kyle Yankanich

Kyle is a DevOps Engineer at QVC, maintaining systems for the 9th largest eCommerce site in the US. Using his immense I.T. powers for good, he is a staffer at FOSSCON, the Free and Open Source Software conference. Kyle has a lot of great connections in the Philly tech scene, his years of experience with FOSSCON and QVC have made him a great asset when it comes to planning and logistics.

Tammy Cummings

Born and raised outside Philadelphia, Tammy’s proud to be a “Philadelphia Lawyer”. Her love for civic innovation is born out of her desire to fight for Philadelphia’s families, doing so in creative ways outside the courtroom. As the daughter of a inventor and skilled craftsman, Tammy intends on using her vast experience in non-profits and business litigation to befit Hive76's board in any way she can.