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World's Largest LED

Recently, Kyle was considering making an LED-style Lamp, purely for aesthetic reasons, when Chris suggested making it into an actual large-scale functioning LED. After doing some Research on Guinness World Records we discovered that the record for World's Largest LED was not established. This should be rectified.


This was the e-mail sent to Guinness to establish validity of the record Record Details: Hive76, the first Philadelphia-based Hackerspace is attempting to hand-create the world's largest LED. LED's commonly lumped together by the thousands, leading to records to such as Largest LED screens, largest LED facades. However, most people don't understand how LED's work, and what's inside them. So Hive76 started out building a large-scale LED model, with internal LED's to light it up. So we're attempting to create a large-scale functional LED approximately 14 inches tall and 8.75 inches in diameter. We're hoping it will be both a beautiful display piece, as well as a functional education tool for children, Media: This project will be created in-house by Hive76 by volunteers. We plan to publish it on our blog, and facebook afterwards to promote a positive image of Hive76.


LED Specs

The intent to to create a 3D printed mold using PLA, seal it, and pour a transparent (colored?) resin in, with the LED internals in-position. Approximate size of the LED would be 18 inches tall, and 9 inches in diameter. CREE Led has been contacted about purchasing a ready-built wafer.


Kyle has designed a 3D OpenSCAD file of the LED using the specifications in the attached image. He 3D printed it twice, but it has trouble closing the top of the LED without support material. However, doing this in negative form (to make a mold) would eliminate this problem.