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Kyle Yankanich

Kyle Yankanich is a little country, a little city. He has a resume more varied than Nicolas Cage's in National Treasure, without the traveling experience. He often goes by the nickname "Yank" since it can be said angrily by his foes.


Kyle was born in the Philadelphia region, when his parents decided to segregate him from society at the age of two. He spent the next 11 years living in upstate PA, on the side of a mountain. Kyle now possesses the surefooted ability of a billygoat, ability to call upon nature, and numerous outrageous stories. Kyle returned to the Philadelphia area at the age of 13, where he enjoyed broadband internet.

Specializes In

Web development, CGI programming, physical computing, wiring anything directly into anything else

Wants to Learn

Welding, analog electronics, sustainable off-grid growth, environmental widgets


Contact Info

KyleYankanich From Gmail Kyle From