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Hive 76 Membership Levels

Useful membership chart


Hive76 is a Member Owned organization. We are always looking for new members because without them, there is no Hive76. We have two main levels of membership, and a 'friend of Hive' status, which for people that want to be involved, but don't want to be full members.

  • Core Membership: $120 a month, for heavy users of the space
  • Basic Membership: $60 a month, for most people
  • Light Membership: $15 a month, a friend/patron of Hive. Sometimes known as 'dismember'

Core Membership

Core Members are people that have a lot invested in the space, and use it often for personal or (case by case allowed) small business or event use.

What you give

  • $120 a month

What you get

  • 24/7 access to Hive76 for personal projects
  • Personal Work Desk
  • Automatic permission to have group events (discuss with management first)
  • Core Members have priority on equipment and tools
  • The right to vote on organization decisions
  • Large storage tote
  • Use of communal materials/consumables/components (wood, 3D printer filament, LEDs)
  • Permission to use all space equipment and tools (once trained)
  • The ability to check out some tools.

Basic Membership

Basic Members want to use the space on their own schedule, perhaps only on a single project at first.

What you give

  • $60 a month

What you get

  • 24/7 Access to Hive 76 for personal projects
  • The right to vote on organization decisions*
  • Medium storage tote
  • Can reserve the space for group events (discuss with management first)
  • Use of communal materials/consumables/components (wood, 3D printer filament, LEDs)
  • Permission to use all space equipment and tools (once trained)

Light Membership

A Light member uses the space casually, or just likes to drop by during open hours. Good for those without a specific project in mind, but just want to be around and involved.

What you give

  • $15 a month

What you get

  • Access to the space during classes, open house, or when other members are around
  • Weblog and private mailing list access
  • Permission to use most space tools and equipment (but not all)


    Note Note:  This info is a bit out of date at this point! Refer to the Membership page on the website for now.

Hive76 is owned and run by its members, so we are a bit careful about how we accept new members.

  1. Light Membership -- We are currently working through some changes to this process. Please come to open house and ask for information from Management for the most up to date information.
    1. No application necessary! It is best to come to open house (Wedensday nights at 8pm) so that we can match a face to your name.
    2. Visit Hive76 to fill out our new member form in person.
    3. Start paying dues, collected at the beginning of the month.
  2. Basic & Core Membership
    1. This level of includes 24/7 access and confers a level of trust from the rest of the members. So therefore the process is a little more involved.
    2. First, you should definitely drop by for a few Wednesday night open houses. Get to know us. This is a shared space, and to make it run well, we need to know personalities mesh well.
    3. The next step is to find somebody to sponsor your membership. Your sponsor guides you through the membership process, and also vouches for you to the other members. You may ask any core or basic member to sponsor you, or they may volunteer themselves to the position.
    4. Next is a short application. In an email to your sponsor (who will forward your bid to current members), please answer the following questions:
      1. What do you would you like to gain from Membership at Hive76? Are there any specific skills or projects you hope to develop at Hive?
      2. What do you plan to give to Hive76, that will benefit the space/Membership? e.g. skills you could share with the group, classes you could teach, or
      3. Please provide constructive criticism of Hive76. What are we doing well? What are we lacking? What could we do better? What brought you to Hive and where do you see Hive76 going in the future?
  3. Current membership will to vote to accept the new application. This is done in person, usually at the monthly members meeting. Your sponsor and our secretary will coordinate this process.
  4. Visit Hive76 to fill out our new member form in person.
  5. Start paying your dues, collected at the beginning of the month.
  6. Finally, you will be contacted to make sure your keys, blog access, hive-email, and other facilities work. Your sponsor will give you a formal 'shelf by shelf' tour of the space, so you know where to find tools, parts, and equipment to use.

Guidelines for Conduct in the Space

This stuff is generally considered "common sense" but it's important to have guidelines by which we expect all members and entrants to the space to follow.

  1. Individuals should be at least 18 or accompanied by a parent or guardian to enter the space
  2. The Quartermaster has domain over the physical space. Every item in the space has a home, so please refrain from rearranging the space without permission.
  3. No alterations to the infrastructure or physical layout of the space can be made without discussion and approval (from Quartermaster and/or Management).
  4. Obey the "campsite rule"... leave the space in a better condition than how you found it.
  5. Return tools to their proper location. Every tool has a home. Send them home.
  6. Perform an inspection of the space before you leave: SOLDERING IRONS OFF, major lights off, equipment put away. Check the trash -- if it looks full, take it out and place a new trash bag in the can. Brooms are provided for your convenience. Do not unplug or turn off any power strip unless it could pose a hazard to the space or its inhabitants (e.g. power to a soldering iron or power tool).
  7. If you have not been trained to use a piece of equipment (whether you know how to use it or not), don't use it. Ask the Quartermaster for help.
  8. Clean up the shrapnel from your work; use the vacuum to clean up debris from grinding, sawing, drilling, cutting, etc.
  9. Using a tool inappropriately or for a purpose other than for its designed use is not only dangerous to yourself and others, it will get you kicked out.
  10. Proper safety equipment must be used at all times when using power tools. Wear goggles and a mask if you are generating dust. Get help if you want to get on a ladder (don't use the ladder alone).
  11. Open food containers, empty drink cans, and cups need to be rinsed in the sink before throwing into the trash unless you are taking the trash out when you leave. See above.
  12. If consumables are running low, send a request for replacements by contacting the Quartermaster and email
  13. Lock the door to the space when you leave.
  14. Blatant or repeated disregard for these guidelines are grounds for revocation of membership.
  15. Refer to our Harassment Policy for appropriate membership conduct.


For major space decisions, Core Members + Basic Members vote. A proposal is passed by 2/3 majority. Core Members can block if they absolutely can't live with the outcome. A 'block' can be overridden if everyone else (except that one core member) votes to override it. Light members are encouraged to be part of decision making, and can participate in discussion. Their votes are recorded and announced, but don't count towards the 2/3 majority. More on our voting process can be found here.


Effective summer 2010, we have not been having regular meetings, issues are often discussed on the mailing list instead. Once or twice a year we have a 'Board Meeting' (which will be required once we're a nonprofit), followed by a BBQ or Party. The 'Board Meeting' will probably take all day, and will be planning for bigger things to come. This is where we BS, dream big, and remember how awesome the past year was.

Conflict Resolution

A draft conflict resolution policy is available for consideration by membership.