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Membership dues are collected at the end of each calendar month. For ease of bookkeeping, Venmo is the preferred method of dues payment. However, if a member wishes, they may pay by Paypal, Direct Deposit, Cash, or Check. Scholarships for members unable to meet existing dues requirements may be discussed on a case by case basis. Dues collection is the responsibility of the Treasurer . Any questions or changes in payment method can be directed to treasurer@hive76.org


Our Venmo account is here: https://venmo.com/hive76 . Once you have set up a Venmo account, search for "Hive 76" (including a space between Hive and 76) and add us as a friend. At the end of the month you will receive a payment request corresponding to your membership level. You must then manually approve the charge on your Venmo account.


Note: This method is discouraged as it requires a trip to the bank. You can bring cash or personal check to Hive76 and give it to any member of Management, who will mark your funds and make sure they get deposited. As we grow as an organization, we encourage all members to pay electronically in order to streamline the management of our finances.

Direct Deposit

Some banks allow you to make automatic web payments or transfers to other accounts. Currently we support ACH payments, which only some banks support. Contact treasurer@hive76.org for hive76's account and routing info.


Our paypal email address is hive76@gmail.com . If this is the method you choose to pay, you will be solicited a payment each month which you will have to approve.