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The next Management Meeting is 2010.07.08 at 7PM. These meetings are for Hive76 Management to coordinate. They are open to all Hive76 members for participation except for specific closed topics for personal privacy reasons of members. Meeting Agenda and minutes will be archived to another page TDB after a meeting is held.

Minutes for 8/1-2 Meeting

  1. New construction wrap-up: Went well. Needs more power. Will run another conduit
  2. Class profit sharing: No plans made. Will document existing agreements. Events Coordinator and Instructor will negotiate, Management will keep tabs on precedent.
  3. Upcoming classes: OpenSCAD, EcmaScript, Arduino Shield, Paper circuits, Plat Panel speakers: FOSSCon is a test, may re run. Trippy RBG and other "plug and play" classes.
  4. Status of scholarship program: Dan emailed group seeking continued interest just 4 months after initial email.
  5. Fosscon logistics: need room specs maybe. Afteryparty!
  6. T-shirts: Ordered Small orange logo on black
  7. Sean and Gen-Con: He's going. Will say nice things.

Agenda for 2012 July/August Meeting

  1. New construction wrap-up
  2. Class profit sharing
  3. Upcoming classes
  4. Status of scholarship program
  5. Fosscon logistics
  6. T-shirts
  7. Sean and Gen-Con

Agenda for 2011 July Meeting

  1. All Membership Biannual meeting -Eagleapex
  2. Laser fundraising -Eagleapex
  3. Bookkeeper's Report - capn_midnight
  4. Venmo Issues - capn_midnight

Agenda for 2011 April Meeting

  1. Current payment status of all members
  2. Financial status and account issues
  3. Upcoming election for new Board member
  4. Update on box storage and tracking
  5. Address issues with shared table space and general clutter
  6. Discuss policies for declining member requests
  7. Upcoming events
  8. Slow Progress in next AFMBE campaign
  9. All Membership Meeting
  10. Upcoming Management elections
  11. Improper disposal and destruction of group property

Agenda for 2011 January Meeting

  1. Current payment status of all members and past members -Eagleapex
  2. Venmo Status - Adoption Rate, issues, etc AdamK
  3. new members: Dave, Justin, Matt -Eagleapex
  4. address box storage: 1/2 box for Basic? -Eagleapex
  5. Member profiles AdamK
  6. Blog Issues - Temporary Resolution? AdamK
  7. Blog Redesign Requirements AdamK
  8. Content creation ideas? Peer Interviews? AdamK
  9. Upcoming election for President and re-voting on Officers and Board Members
  10. Kick around ideas for Open House or Special Event speakers (e.g. Jeri Ellsworth, Limor Fried ,William Beaty etc.)
  11. Discuss some recent unrest issues?
  12. Dismember - let's do it!

Agenda for 2010 December Meeting

  1. Sponsors for Open House?
  2. Membership Levels - Core+ status? Personal desks, businesses, extra storage, donate storage, etc.
  3. Planning election of new Board member
  4. Space issues/complaints
    1. update from Chris/Brendan: good news
  5. Level of commitment for Philly Tech Week
  6. Avenues for more publicity
  7. Switching laser fundraising focus to Lasersaur
  8. Open house project participation
  9. Getting an Officer listed on our TD Bank account (Board Member Far is the only one on it now)
  10. New Years Eve Party

Agenda for 2010 July 08 Meeting

  1. Officer Reports
  2. Getting a Lazzzor
  3. Classes and Events for the next few weeks
  4. Project Board or other follow-through on projects and ideas
  5. Any other new business
  6. Twice Yearly Membership Meeting is (June 24th). Plan for it
  7. plan and calendarize regular Management meetings every 4 to 6 weeks.