Board Meeting Notes 2011-03-13

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Board Meeting 2011.03.13 (Unofficial notes, thanks Far!) Present: Jack Z., Far M., Steph A., Adam[0] K., Jordan M. Also: Chris T.

Officer Updates

No offline officer updates. CTO: Gizmo 5 being replaced. New theme suggested. Secretary: Bookkeeper: Money is good. We need to do taxes. Needs to grab fin. $ from dropbox. Treasurer: <Fill in other officers here>

Member meeting Coming up

- Meeting of all members. not needed right away - Far wats to get a beer with folks anyway, so is going to suggest something for that.


- Athus doing new bylaws - Ratify Board, Ratify Officers, Ratify Bylaws - Raise $1K for application $750 for 501(c)3, $250 for bylaws, Corp. Ad for advertisment. - Fundraiser ideas - kickstarted with party/bbq at the end of it.

Old Taxes

What do to?

Annual report

- Steph to follow up

2011 works

- Rockets : - Design and print classes, - Blink and Buzz, April 9 - Drink Hacking : justin - stalled - Treseling : Sean working on this - Event with UArts and e-textile Mike - OpenLeaks : how to submit secruly class. - Applebaum : activist security. - Mitch :


- Events out in the world, event in the park. - Art Star Craft Bazzar. - Rep Rap World Tour - Fosscon May - Futurelabcamp

Strategic plan

- Bigger plan info - Targets for this year


Better feedback from membership, etc. How to make sure we get info back, etc. A better definitaion of what the board.


- Contact Athas about cost of filing in the next 2 weeks - Adam - By april 10 find from Athis if we will have our update filed by the 30th, so we can decide

to send officer update to the state.

- For taxes, Trying to figure operating costs, vs gross income. from stuff in drop box - Officer - Suggest to Management to cancel the Full Membership Meeting - to Officers - Announce a Hive76 a "hang out, beer, what to do this year" on next Saturday at 4PM. (CC the Hacktory) - Far - Kickstarter Fundraiser once we get info from Athis - Far - Blog post about the board meeting - Jordan - Board Training around June - Steph - Double check PO Box is paid up this week. - Far Hive76 P.O. Box 8205 Philadelphia, PA 19101


- Contact mitch about a classs in late march. - Jacob applebaum info from steph to members.