Pricing a Class

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Picking the right price for a class is hard. Here are some ideas and guidelines

Far's Guidelines for pricing a class

My( Far) personal guidelines for the 'don't-expect-to-make-money' classes (take it or leave it) is below. I use this for my own classes and events, and find it useful. If you also do classes or events,

  • +$5 - Each hour of planning, ordering part, or making docs (beyond 1 hour)
  • + $COST_OF_PARTS - For all classes with parts more than about $1
  • + $10 per student - Each hour of class (beyond 1 hour)
  • + ? - if it's a 'marketable' skill, or current hot item, I add $5 an hour on it.


  • 2 hour python class with 1 hour planning = (1hr * 10) = about $10
  • 4 hour iPhone class that took 6 hours of planning = (3 * 10) * (5 * 5) +'marketable'4*5 = about $75
  • 4 hour electroncis class with $50 in parts that took 3 hours planning, 2 hours parts-ordering, and a pear tree = (3*10) + 50 + ((2+3)*5) = $105

We try to always offer the option to take a class for free. It's up to the teacher to decide how to manage free classes or events. Sometimes we do that via letting people choose $0 tickets (for non-parts classes). For things that require parts to be ordered, a 'free' class actually costs the space money. In most of those cases we have an 'email the teacher if you can't pay' comment on the class announcement.