Picking A Date Cheat Sheet

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Sometimes picking a good date for an event is hard. Below is the 'Pick A Date And Do An Event Cheat Sheet' This can take 10 minutes one night, and 5 minutes some other night if it goes well. Mostly, you can save time by cutting and pasting to reuse the description, and being careful to list only 3-4 options for dates/times/places. As a general rule, no date/time/place will work for a group of more than 5, so if you expect more than 5 people, you can also expect someone who want to go won't make it.

Pick and Event Date/Time

  1. If it's not happening *at* Hive76, pick a good location based on the activity.
  2. Pick 3 good 'It would work well' date/times.
  3. Make a Doodle.com date picker,
  4. email the participation link and a 3 sentence blurb to hive discussion.Give people only 3 days to reply.
  5. At 3 days, look at doodle and pick one. Even if only a few people reply, pick the best looking date.
  6. Post it to the discussion list, (if acct problems, hit up the CTO)
  7. make a calender event (via docs.hive76.org) and share it with contact@hive76.org (adds to the main calendar) (if acct problems, hit up the CTO)
  8. Post it to the blog (if acct problems, hit up the CTO)
  9. Drink. Relax. Enjoy. Hack On.