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We are excited to announce a very hacking winter-time Hive76 open-house hosted by NextFabStudio: Hive76 Open House December 20th, 2011, 7pm - Midnight @ NextFab Studio @ 3711 Market Street This Hack-tacular event will be at NextFabStudio and will get us free access for the night to some of their most awesome tools, such as: CNC plasma, CNC embroidery, e-textiles, electronics, 3D printers, shop bots... There will be food too. So Awesome. I'm proposing the first project below (we can have many of them!!)... Add your proposal below. Be as descriptive as possible so NextFabbers will be able to assess feasibility and logistics given the time constraints. Let's get hacking! -Jordan

Proposal 1: 2 Complete Hive76 Chess Sets, proposed by Jordan

A double-set of Hive76 chess pieces and boards. I want 2 complete sets in 4 colors so we can play Bughouse Chess which is just begging for 4 3D printed chess set pieces. If we get really creative maybe some magnetics and electronics could be enabled as well. Here's complete details, and an attached inspirational rendering. =] The most awesomest chess set on Thingiverse is the gangsta chess set:

Thingiverse Gangsta Chess
The original gangsta chess set on Thingiverse

I've compiled all the pieces onto one build plate and printed on reprap -- it is a 4 hour print. I'll make a set in Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue. The chess pieces have a 1" or 0.8" diameter circle on the bottom. Maybe we'd want to print the pieces larger, too, given the access to NextFab Studio's higher-end 3D printers. The complete STL files are here. Here's a rendering and the completed set:

Gangsta Chess
Gangsta Chess on one build plate
Complete Gangsta Chess Set
Complete 3D Printed Gangsta Chess Set (Red) on SloateBot
Complete Gangsta Chess Set
Complete 3D Printed Gangsta Chess Set (Yellow) on SloateBot

At NextFab we could lasercut an entire chess board made of interlocking pieces in these 4 colors, then glue them together. It will take some testing to get the kerf just right and figure out what size to make the tile so the pieces fit comfortably well inside. It would also be nice to laser engrave the chess boards. Maybe make the chess boards all Black acrylic with surface etched white squares. Not sure yet. At NextFab I'd also like it if we could embroider some felt with the Hive Logo and then cut out and glue the embroidered felt onto each individual piece. This will also take some testing. To comment or make suggestions please join our maling list!

Proposal 2: Assorted Hive76 Labels, compiled by Dave S

  • Laser-cut name tags for all members
    • Cut/etched plastic or etched anodized aluminum
    • Perhaps suitable for labeling members' storage bins?
  • Laser-cut rubber stamps with Hive logos
  • Hive76 "maker's mark" CNC-machined steel punches, perhaps in a couple of sizes
    • Good for permanently labeling soft metals, plastics, leather, etc, with a quick hammer strike

Proposal 3 by Eagleapex

Cutting custom snowflakes from various materials

Proposal 4: Laser or CNC cut Hive76 Hard Plastic or Wood Business cards. Chris Terrell

If I could make this image smaller or even figure out how to delete its source I would. I Am weak Noob Sauce :( As a newcomer to the Hive 76 scene I have noticed a void in public appearance. A fun Project could be getting together and designing a simple card with whoever is interested. Burn in anything from QR codes and drawings to the basic general information. The chances a card has of being held on to is based on both strong aesthetics and material. It would be great if members carried these around and handed them out while talking about the space. Or when new people arrive at the space. CNC or Laser Cutter on wood or hard plastic would be ideal for editioning the card. Material can be picked up at both Home depot, Lows or Everythingplastic.

Proposal 5: Member Caricatures, Dave S

  • Use the laser scanner to capture 3D models of members' faces (ideally the whole head, but that may take too long or be impractical)
  • Exchange models with other members
  • Use software to modify the models to create funny caricatures out of them
  • If time permits, print the models out on a 3D printer or save them for later to be printed at the Hive

Any software could be used, but Blender is free and has some tools which make it very easy to push / pull / sculpt 3D meshes

Proposal 6: Their Construction Should be Exceedingly Simple ... : Pez

  • Use a Theo Jansen leg mechanism to make reindeer legs for sleigh
  • Measured drawing and explanation of mechanism can be found here:
  • In the interest of simplicity, the wheels that drive the leg motion could probably be made from found objects (e.g. plastic lids).
  • Synchronization of wheels might use belts made of rubber-bands.
  • In the interest of time, simplicity and enhanced creepiness, omit the deer heads and bodies. This Santa sleigh is just driven by legs (or maybe a centipede body would be even better)
  • Make a santa of pipe-cleaners and give him a grinch-like hexagonal head with Hive76 emblazoned
  • Put NASCAR-like NextFab decals on the sleigh
  • The NextFab touch comes from laser-cutting the leg pieces, Santa head, side-pieces for the sleigh and decals .. and maybe a robotically knitted centipede body.
  • Ho-ho-holy $#1+!

Proposal 7: Jacky Jack

  • A circular end table that is basically a giant combination lock.
  • combo lock mechanism is simple -- making a giant one should be easy and educational.
  • get Toool involved?
  • clear plastic pieces would let you see the mechanism working, but maybe defeat the purpose of a combo lock.
  • do the combination correctly, and a drawer opens! Get the combination wrong, a vial breaks and poison gas kills us all.
  • would work great as an instructables entry for the shop-bot challenge or laser challenge.