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Weekly meeting notes here 02/24/2010 Far

  • Have paper work for incorp (Far)
    • Far would like help with it
    • Deadline for submitting again - Wed. 03/03/2010 (Far)
  • Crisis Camp for Haiti, maps or some such
    • He's working on it.

Chris T

  • Logo talk - brief meeting tonight
    • Chris is building a vamp charger

Adam K

  • More phone work - It's jacked.
    • We can do an echo chamber!
    • Store is setup on the blog
      • After payment, they get ticket in pdf
      • Adam will Train on how to use this next week
  • Eagle workshop scheduled (This coming Monday)
    • Brian may get hit by a bus


  • Money
    • Direct Deposit?
  • PayPal - Should all be resolved by Wed. 03/03/2010 - Or have a solid answer on it.
  • Board members have view access to TD account
    • Others can be added - case basis


  • Did a python class
  • Has worked on Wiki
    • Stopped adding to wiki until it's finished - people started adding stuff

derailed with internet talk

  • Nothing we do is really on the wiki
  • We a wiki workshop so people are empowered to add to it.


  • Made a lame circuit - touch a button, led lights up
  • Working on a NoLibs kids project
    • Info on the discussion list


  • Project with the Franklin fell through :(
    • Deadline issues
    • Shot down our super rad ideas
    • Press wouldn't care
    • They will keep in touch
  • Start window farming project
  • Working on the Bylaws
    • Will put on wiki when done.
  • Update on electronics class


  • Working on heated build stages
    • We're taking on some support issues - People are complaining to makerbot
  • Has the MB proto HBS working for 3DP0

We need to update the wiki on 3DP0 op instructions AdamE

  • Weather Balloon!
  • Retro Gaming night