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this is me with my first 3D printed earrings and one of my hair adornments!

hi, my name's


and while at Hive76, i like to..

make large floral-inspired hair clips/barrettes/adornments from scrap fabric, fused plastic bags, and vintage jewelry pieces. i have begun learning and experimenting with openSCAD to design earrings and other accessory pieces printed using our 3D printer. i'm a tech newbie, but i'm determined to become moderately proficient, one day...through much blood, sweat, and tears... i also enjoy painting, drawing, especially experimenting with non-traditional drawing materials (such as scrap fabric pieces, yarns, and threads). i like to make my own natural personal care and home cleaning products. I also love to "hack" my clothing...sometimes literally. a lot of my garments have rough edges. and i LOVE riding my bike!!! (i am also a social worker by profession and heart, extremely interested in public health issues such as healthcare access, health and nutrition education, chronic disease prevention, social determinants of health. one day i will find a way to weave together this disparate passions.)

and i'd like to learn..

MORE OPENSCAD! and other programs for 3D printing, especially Google Sketchup (i know it's supposed to be simple, but i just don't get it, ok?) and Blender...eventually i also need to get with the times and learn some soldering skills and basic electric know-how (you know, the basic stuff you learn in middle school...) i'd love to learn how to properly sew as well. and carpentry... i want ton build simple benches for my porch.

you can see some of my work...

here: [1] and here: [2] i know, i need a real website.

my mantra is

"baby steps, bob, baby steps..."

you can contact me

at corrieanDOT6ATgmailDOTcom i may respond to your inquiry if it doesn't get buried beneath the crap tons of spam