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Materials for torrent workshop 9/13/11


µTorrent client – cross platform torrent client


  • Client: the program you keep running to download and seed files
  • Leecher: does not have 100% of the files
  • Seeder: has 100% and is sharing back
  • Seeding: Uploading already downloaded pieces to leechers. You can seed parts that you have finished while you leech.
  • Tracker: Maintains a list of all seeders and leechers to connect them
  • .torrent file: describes all the pieces of the shared files and what trackers to use
  • UDP: in short, a broadcast only communication. Where HTTP and TCP are conversations, UDP is shouting across a room with your ears covered.

Test Torrents

.torrent file for Drive A – The World in Shambles album. Sounds like pop-punk, but it's free. .torrent file for Loophole by Greendjohn album. Kind of like a movie soundtrack. Opposite of the Drive A album.


  • Always seed
  • Seed to a ratio of at least 1. That means you have uploaded as much as you have downloaded
  • Create torrents with your files in a folder
  • Always seed
  • No stealing, not like you'll listen.



Not many free and open trackers work anymore. OpenBitTorrent is one of the few that works. A note on UDP Trackers: Use these two when creating torrents: udp:// udp://

Torrent file storage

You can email your .torrent files around or use Torrage to store your file and share the unlisted link.

Legal Media

  • ClearBits offers a hosted ($$) solution for creators, but you can download their torrents for free.
  • VODO has some films.
  • jamendo has links for mp3 bittorrent albums, but poor seeding sometimes.