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This topic was proposed by Hive76 member Adam Kaufman on the members list [here] There is currently a review board designated to approve decisions related to obtaining our Nonprofit status.

Review Board Members

  • Adam Kaufman
  • Jordan Miller
  • Stephanie Alarcon

Questions for Legal Counsel

  • Are there any implications to involving ourselves with the PhillyVIP organization?
  • More specifically, what would PhillyVIP's role be? Are they offering assistance to file independently as a

501(c)(3), or are they offering fiscal sponsorship?

  • Are they willing to help us review our bylaws?
  • How about helping us schedule regular tax paperwork, like a quarterly 941?
  • About how long should it take?
  • What information would they need from us? Do we have it already or do we need to collect data?
  • What are their specialties as opposed to, say, Community Legal Services, Phila Law Works, etc?
  • PhillyVIP seems to focus its work on low-income Philadelphians in danger of losing basic services. Does working with a group like Hive conflict with that?
  • Are there organizations like Hive76 that they have assisted fairly recently? Could we contact them?
  • How much will this process cost? Is there something we can offer in-kind?
  • Adam K said:" The way I understand it is that there are no real implications for us of going through PhillyVIP with regards to our actual incorporation. The benefit would be that PhillyVIP provides personal liability insurance coverage for lawyers representing clients of PhillyVIP." Is that pretty much right?