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Minutes for 2011 April Meeting

Meeting started 7:10 Attendance: Adam, Chris, Brendan, Sean, Mike, Jack

  1. Current payment status of all members
    1. All members are in current status (no specific counts given)
  2. Financial status and account issues
    1. Taxes were due March 15th
    2. We currently have $3000 between TD Bank, Venmo, and Paypal (before paying May rent) and $700 in cash
  3. LaserSaur
    1. Alpha Kit is shipping soon, need to raise more money and order extruded aluminum and stepper motors
  4. Upcoming election for new Board member
    1. Steph has stepped down from the Hive76 Board of Directors. We are having elections to fill the vacant seat on the board.
    2. We will open nominations for the open seat on the Board of Directors on April 27th.
    3. Nominations will close on May 4th.
    4. The election will be held on May 18th.
  5. Update on box storage and tracking
    1. We have 2.5 crates of storage free.
    2. Brendan and Chris will be working to number all storage boxes and create a wiki list for easy identification
  6. Address issues with shared table space and general clutter
    1. We've had lots of issues with items left on the shared table space. We will be implementing a new Lost and Found bin for items that have been left out. If you come to the space and items have been left on the shared workspaces, you can move those items into the Lost and Found bin for their owners to later retrieve and store appropriately.
    2. Other solutions discussed were assigning responsibility of individual public desks to members, and instituting a fine for offenders who leave items in shared space.
  7. Discuss policies for declining membership requests
    1. Members are responsible for objecting and Management will politely decline
  8. Upcoming events
    1. Chris, Sketchup Class May 1st
    2. TOOOL is interested in coming again?
    3. Adam E. , Photo Development - May 15th?
    4. Jack + Brendan, Guitar Effects Class - Pending
    5. Far, Blink and Buzz & Intro to Web - ???
    6. Adam, Eagle and PCB Class - ???
    7. Sean, DB Development Class - ???
    8. PJ, Household Cleaning Chemi - ???
    9. Mike, Intro to Electronics - ???
  9. Slow Progress in next AFMBE campaign
    1. Dan's working on this. We believe in him!
  10. All Membership Meeting
    1. This is still pending the changes bylaws and the 501(c)(3) application completion
  11. Upcoming Management elections
    1. Our last Management election was in November 2010. We will be holding elections for all officer positions for the next 6 month term.
    2. Open Nominations on April 27th
    3. Close Nominations on May 4th
    4. Vote for new officer position on May 18th
  12. Improper disposal and destruction of group property
    1. Lost and Found should hopefully provide a solution for this issue as well. Specific issues have been discussed

Minutes for 2011 January Meeting

Meeting started 7:01 Attendance: Chris (minutes), Sean, Jack, Adam

  1. Current payment status of all members and past members -Eagleapex
    1. Jack: Almost all on Venmo, will try and standardize all members.
    2. Tally of all money at the end of minutes. No one behind on dues.
    3. Brendan called in:
      1. Re #3, He will see who has what, make an inventory of boxes or space
      2. We discussed Justin's makerbot storage and general space issues
      3. Brendan on his way to meeting
  2. Venmo Status - Adoption Rate, issues, etc AdamK
    1. Charges will be more regular
    2. Jack waiting on new member to sign up.
  3. new members: Dave, Justin, Matt -Eagleapex
    1. Matt T needs orientation
    2. Chris suggested lump payment discount. Not good idea now
  4. address box storage: 1/2 box for Basic? -Eagleapex
    1. [addressed above and later]
  5. Member profiles AdamK
    1. Need profiles on Wiki
    2. Author links on WordPress
    3. Suggestion of peer interviews.
    4. Mike arrived 7:20 Brendan shortly after
  6. Blog Issues - Temporary Resolution? AdamK
    1. Plugins disabled including both captchas
    2. May use WPRecaptcha for log in in future
  7. Blog Redesign Requirements AdamK
    1. Static page for content
    2. Theme change
    3. CTO will seek limited feedback and make decision like a grown-up.
  8. Content creation ideas? Peer Interviews? AdamK
    1. Bribes accepted for deferment of blogging
    2. Chris will organize
    3. Caricatures Wednesday from Brendan's friend?
    4. Can we have a WP Queue? Need better spacing of content
  9. Upcoming election for President and re-voting on Officers and Board Members
    1. We need a president
    2. if: bylaws get accepted on 2/9
      1. then: president elected 2/16
      2. then: ratify:
        1. Officers
        2. Board as whole
    3. Email needs to be sent.
  10. Kick around ideas for Open House or Special Event speakers (e.g. Jeri Ellsworth, Limor Fried ,William Beaty etc.)
    1. Can we annex/host/invite Make:Philly?
    2. Invite Lady Ada?
    3. Workshops may include talk, but no slides
    4. Bioplastic on 2/9
  11. Discuss some recent unrest issues?
    1. Deferred
  12. Dismember - let's do it!
    1. Motion to rename "lite member" at $15/month to Dismember
      1. Passed
  13. Roberts Rules of Order Eagleapex
    1. Attempted use in meeting for #12 above. 5aye 1abstain
    2. Does not help in email
  14. Officer Updates
    1. Brendan
      1. Arcade: Saturday Adam & Brendan will make a box for neogeo under control panel
      2. Safe room down the hall: we could volunteer to make shelves for the whole floor
      3. No motion on loft
    2. Mike
      1. Sat in on Hackerspace call, was too embarassed to talk about all the Awesome we have been doing. Only mentioned a few things
      2. There is a UArts grant seeker working on an Arduino project. May hire Arduino work.
    3. Sean
      1. NextFab collabo, hands on stuff at events
      2. Drink Hack 2/17
      3. Alcohol liability: need sober bouncers during event
      4. Future circuit etching class
  15. Recent Unrest
    1. Very Bad communication about sex toy class
    2. What is in the interest of the group
    3. Record of poll:
      1. "Should hive76 sponsor a sex toy hacking workshop?"
      2. No: 3
      3. Yes: 2
      4. Host, but not sponsor: 2
      5. Abstain: 1
    4. Events need to be Announce First, Market After
    5. Discussion about blog moderation
    6. Motion to restrict new members to Contributor role on blog until they are trained on the tool
      1. Passed
    7. Motion to keep all non-members at Contributor role on blog
      1. Passed
    8. No courses will be sponsored until discussed
    9. Sean will wikify the docs in the DropBox about this and other issues
    10. LAME
      1. Motion: "Hive76 is accomplishing our mission."
        1. Passed
  16. Adjourned 9.04pm
  17. Money
    1. $1600 in accounts
    2. $815 in cash from drawer. Will be deposited in the bank by Jack 2/8

Agenda for 2010 December Meeting

  1. Space issues/complaints
    1. update from Chris/Brendan: good news
      1. someone on our floor had a 12' aluminum ladder go missing, blame set on Hive.
      2. G talked to jack, Brendan and Chris, diffused the situation with Steve. no response from Steve yet.
      3. We will buy G a bottle of wine as thanks when it all gets wrapped up as a thanks.
      4. open house rules board to be created
      5. wireless doorbell purchased
      6. jack paid $50 to register us for the open spaces event this weekend
      7. open house guest sign-up sheet
      8. open spaces sign-up issue
  2. Membership Levels - Core+ status? Personal desks, businesses, extra storage, donate storage, etc.
    1. Core+ should go away. only Chris at that level
    2. People running a business out of hive should be Core membership level
    3. Core membership can be granted certain amenities (extra shelf space, dedicated table/equipment) to be handle on a case by case basis
    4. No precedence for whether or not Core status is needed.
  3. Inventory Issues
    1. mark with post-it, name, date, date used/tossed
    2. colored stickers for item status
      1. Green = Guff, owner/donator has no plans
      2. Yellow = Tool, use but don't modify
      3. Red = restricted, don't touch
    3. photos of tossables for notice emailed to discussion list
  4. New Years Eve Party
    1. what kind of effort? who will make it?
    2. flier the hall/building for negative feedback
    3. find a neighbor to use for storage, compensate adult beverages, Maybe also G again.
    4. advertise on geekadelphia, etc?
    5. how to fund it? donations at door
  5. Sponsors for Open House?
    1. IndyHall? Right Action? Bug Labs? MakerBot?
    2. have companies give us stuff, money, or attend open house for stuff
    3. makerbeam!!! \
    4. member chooses sponsor and works out details including date with them
  6. Switching laser fundraising focus to Lasersaur
    1. capabilities? cuts wood and acrylic
    2. how much space?
    3. cost?
  7. Planning election of new Board member
    1. nomination ended 11/17
    2. election 12/8 @ 7pm, run by chris
    3. chris will notify georgia of the election
  8. Level of commitment for Philly Tech Week
    1. april ??
    2. open house every night of the week?
    3. one really big open house
  9. Avenues for more publicity
    1. contacts with technically philly and geekadelphia
    2. sean will reach out
    3. flyers - sean
  10. Open house project participation
    1. considered a responsibility of membership
  11. Getting an Officer listed on our TD Bank account (Board Member Far is the only one on it now)
    1. jack and adam will be on the bank account
  12. Blog Posts
    1. we need more content
    1. Where is it? Far has it? Chris will remind far to bring it in and ship it back out.
  14. Mini moo cards
    1. adam is making them!

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