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The purpose of this questionnaire is to provide some background information for members who may not have met you at open house or other Hive76 events and want a better idea of what projects interest you and how you will be using the space. Feel free to answer or not answer any of the questions, and keep in mind that your answers will be automatically sent out to other members.

What's your background? What have you made in the past? What do you want to make at Hive76?

What are you interested in?

Are there any specific skills you want to learn at Hive76?

How did you hear about Hive76?

Would you like to teach a class? What would it be?

What level of involvement would you prefer for group activities and events, such as Maker Faire and Tech Week, where we exhibit our projects?

What are your preferred pronouns?

Do you have any health issues or require special accommodations?

If you could be any power tool what would you be?