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Open House !

Every Wednesday Hive76 is open to the general public to come visit, hang out, and see what we are about. This is a chance for anyone in the world to see our space, and work on projects.

How do I know if you're open?

We're open almost every single Wednesday, and are only closed if the Wednesday night falls on a holiday, and no-one is available to open the space. You can hop on our IRC channel #hive76 on Freenode, available here and ask the membership in general. We also encourage people to post questions to our mailing list, and check our Calendar for updates.

What should I bring?

Bring yourself, a friend, and maybe an appetite for Chinese food or Burritos. We tend to order [Food] a fair amount during open house. You should also feel free to bring a project along to show off, or get help with. We're not experts, but we're pretty good.