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OBJECTIVE: To come up with a kick-ass graphic to be produced on T-Shirts for members to wear to events like conferences, classes, and unveilings. We want a design that inspires curiosity. A design that will inspire people to say "What the hell is that thing on your shirt?" to which we will respond "I'M A FUCKING HACKER OK??? DANG!!!" We like our current logo/branding, but we're not entirely set on it. We feel, at the least, that it could be expanded upon for a more intriguing, captivating design (see Noisebridge Traditional vs. Explody below). CONCEPTS/MESSAGE: busy workplace, part of a network, productive, do-ers, community, diversity of interests (technology, environment, education, community) About Us#Mission_Statement EXAMPLES/INSPIRATION: "Noisebridge Explody Logo" vs "Noisebridge Traditional" PROCESS: We will have an open submission for design concepts/sketches, to be posted on a public forum, for a period of 3 weeks. At that point, the graphics committee will meet and discuss the submitted concepts. If a concept is selected by the committee to move forward, requested changes will be communicated to the designer, and digital artwork will be delivered to the committee. If multiple concepts are deemed acceptable, the committee will hold a vote for the majority winner. In the event the committee wishes to combine two designs, the committee will accept composite submissions from both artists, both of which will be voted on by the committee. If no designs are selected, the submission process will be extended, indefinitely, and the committee will be tasked with refining the requirements to facilitate adequate designs. SUBMISSIONS: All concepts can be emailed to Please put the text "SHIRT LOGO" in the subject so it doesn't get lost in the mix. DEADLINES:

  • All concepts to be submitted by March 31st, 2010
  • Final design files ready for productions by May 1st, 2010


  • Typed in an Open Font (
  • Works in 2 Color B/W
  • Includes vector files (can be completed/submitted after selection is made)
  • Recognizable in its entirety, or partially when sized as a 24x24 Avatar
  • 3D Printable (Bonus Points)


  • Adam K. (
  • Chris
  • Adam E.
  • Jordan