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Monthly Monday Microcontroller Madness

Beginning in September of 2011, Hive76 will start hosting monthly workshops based around the general field of microcontrollers, or MCUs. The workshops will be held in a loose format allowing the greatest freedom in topics covered. A typical workshop will include a detailed introduction to basic MCU concepts, project demonstrations, and collaborative work time.

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Workshop Documentation and Example Code

Workshop Documentation Example code and related materials will be hosted on GitHub.
Intro to Arduino COMIC
Intro to Arduino by Lady Ada

Useful Software

Development Environments

TI's Code Composer Studio

Supporting Software

Fritzing An electronic design automation (EDA) tool for non-engineers.
Eagle A flexible and expandable EDA schematic capture, PCB layout, autorouter and CAM program.
GitHub A web-based hosting service for software development projects using Git for version control.
Circuit Simulator An electronic circuit simulator written in Java, by Paul Falstad. An open-source alternative to MS Office.



Micro Center
Radio Shack


Sparkfun Electronics
Digi-Key Corporation
Texas Instruments
Mouser Electronics
Maker Shed
All Electronics
General Guitar Gadgets