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In it's current state, this project strives to be a laser-based text display system using an Arduino to control the rotation of a salvaged hexagonal rotating mirror and the pulsing of a laser pointer.

Next Steps

  • Make a virtual sun-dial
  • Simple POV device using ~8 lasers and an Arduino
  • Design and print mounts for holding everything in place
  • Use the motor to synchronously spin an ensemble of lasers that project onto a translucent cylinder
  • Ultimately obtain a large mirror to project image onto building



  • Point all 8 lasers at 1 mirror to avoid the problem of coordinating 8 spinning mirrors
  • Minimum Y lines for text: 5 I say
  • Check the lasers for consistency of alignment.
  • Eagleapex 20:57, 27 April 2011 (UTC)

Project Inspiration