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This page contains documentation for the development of a library for interfacing the ICM7228 chip with a microcontroller for use with an 8x8 LED matrix. Currently, we can write to individual dots on the grid, address single columns, or rows, or enter text to scroll along the matrix (all in a single color).

Arduino Development

For Arduino development, you'll need both the .cpp file and the .h file. Copy both to a folder named ICM7228 in your arduino-00xx/libraries folder, restart you Arduino IDE, and look for the menu option, Sketch > Import Library > ICM7228

Future Development

  • Integrate a 74HC595 shift register to reduce the number of pins used on the Arduino.
  • Make it scalable to ease the use of multiple LED tiles.
  • Bike turn signals!!
  • Get it working with the MSP430.
  • Whatever crazy ideas pass by.

Videos of Progress