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Financial Goals 2011

"A strong organization cannot exist without a sound financial base."

  • Full liability insurance and renter's insurance coverage by end of April 2011 - Jordan
  • Keep at least 3 months operating expenses in the bank by end of June 2011 - Jordan
  • Keep at least 6 months operating expenses in the bank by end of October 2011 - Jordan
  • Keep funds equal to 2 months operating expenses available for member-driven projects (chosen by open competition for said funds by Hive Members, approvals made by Hive Managers) for personal- or member- or public- good by December 2011 - Jordan

Member Service Goals 2011

"A strong organization cannot exist without strong interpersonal relationships."

  • Member's Code of Conduct Policy set by June 2011 - Jordan
  • Strengthen member-driven projects by making funds available, see Financial Goals above - Jordan
  • Three social events explicitly designed to strengthen interpersonal relationships completed by October 2011 - Jordan

As a member driven organization, we also want to meet the needs of our members. Hive members who do the work of making awesome. To make sure we are serving our members well, we have the following goals for 2011

  1. TBD, see below

Public Service Goals 2011

As a 501(c)3 organization (soon) Hive is incorporated as a nonprofit that exists to serve the public good in "charitable, scientific, [...] or educational purposes, [...] to promote the arts". To know if we are doing well at doing this, we are setting the following goals for 2011.

  1. TBD, see below


This is a section for members of Hive76's greater community to add what they think should be Hive's goals. The Board of Hive76 will review this at their next meeting, and use it to inform the choice of our 2011 organization-wide goals.

Public Service Goals 2011

What are some goals for serving the public in 2011? How do we decide if we have been successful? Add your input here, and add your name to it if you like. Or add your name to an existing goal to vote it up

  • One event per member, per year - Far, Sean
  • At least 8 of 3+ hours long Basic Tech classes - Far, JimF, Sean
  • At least one event (off site)for kids under 15 - Far, Sean
  • Acquire 5-10 general purpose laptops or thin-clients for use in classes and events - Adam
  • Set quarterly budget amount to subsidize cost of classes - Adam
  • At least one event for women in technology - Far
  • Create a 'legend' or encyclopedia of sorts for the various emoticons use in the IRC channel so that outsiders can better understand wtf is happening, and how people truly feel via Internet Chat Relay. (Should be a wiki article dedicated to this)
  • Open House Weekend(s) during daylight hours (could be 'around' Basic Tech Classes, so as not to interfere)

Member Service Goals 2011

What do members (or potential members) want hive to do in 2011?

  • Better storage system for members personal projects. - Far
  • Reduce the cost of membership for people that pay in advance - Far
  • Pay for 2 members to go to a conference to present in 2011 - Far, Sean
  • Make a clear game for members to get 'kudos' for doing work around hive - Far
  • Win one of the 'Hackerspace Challenges' on mailing list - Far, Sean
  • Find a larger space in a higher foot-traffic area with fewer work restrictions (e.g. welding) - Sean
  • Hold membership drive events - Sean
  • Set quarterly budget amount to subsidize new equipment and supplies - Adam
  • Build membership to total 20 combined core/basic members, 10 total dismembers. - Adam