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The Hacker Field Day is a collaborative event between Hive76 and NextFab Studio to foster friendship between our groups during Philly Tech Week and bring the joy of technology and making to the Philadelphia Science Festival. The Science Fest event features hands-on workstations demonstrating a wide range of topics in technology, while the Tech Week event features competitions between individuals and teams in events based on the kiosks from the Science Fest.


  • Programming tasks (such as Project Euler)
  • Speed soldering (building an Atari Punk Console, making geometric figures out of jumper wire.)
  • Simple robotics (bristle bot / beam bot / etc.)
  • Mathematics (resistor math, engineering math, etc.)
  • PC Tear Down / Rebuild
  • Music Programming (based on microcontroller, PC, smartphones, etc. Will create base project for the kid's kiosk)
  • Communication embedded project
  • Makerbot / printer challenge
  • Projectile launch (parachute & air time competition)
  • Junkbox challenge (Make:Philly style)
  • Bridge / Tower Building
  • Android/iPhone rapid prototyping (accelerometers, compass, GPS)


In terms of organization, we need to determine team vs. individual events, event timing, coinciding vs. one event after another. Working out a work flow for the event will be a big step forward.


  • Sean M.