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HP Designjet 130

HP link to store and stuff

Designjet on its shelf

Requires training

Current Designjet print ninjas:


  • Vivera ink
    • Black: HP 84
    • Color: HP 85, multiple
    • Paper about ink and paper archive qualities: link
  • Paper
    • Any paper up to 24" wide
    • Currently loaded some matte paper on a roll, works well.
  • Drivers
    • Tested in Mac and Win7
    • Win7 needed to access maintenance.


  • $5 per A1 poster print aka: 594mm x 841mm or 23.39" × 33.11"
  • Double for non-members.


  • For some reason, the roll drags on the shelf and causes jams. This is fixed with some plywood risers under the feet.
  • Feeding the edge of paper from a new roll into the printer is very tough and requires training.
  • The cutter is currently dull, please disable the automatic cutter when printing.
  • Set a custom paper size that is 24" wide and as high as the document I want to print is.
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