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Administrivia N. The trivial details about making something happen.


Moving an Event onto the Hive76 Calendar

If you have a hive76 domain account, you can share/create events. By default using the 'Invite' box DOES NOT WORK. The proper way to add an event is to:

  1. Add the Hive76 events calendar to your calendar here
  2. Create your event on your calendar.
  3. Save your new event. DO NOT use event mailing or 'send event' to the email.
  4. Re-open the event. 'go to 'More Actions' button at the top. Select 'Copy To Hive Events' (or Hive76 Private Events for a private event) calendar.

Logging an Expense to get Paid Back For

If you paid out cash money for a Hive76 event, and you need to get paid back, please enter the summary info for what you paid via the web reimbursement form.