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Relocation meeting. 10/5/11 8pm

Sean leading meeting

What do we like

  • Location
    • Spring Garden
    • Noise
    • Distance from residential
  • Parking
    • 10 parking spaces needed on a night
  • Near SEPTA
  • Free utilities
  • Security, RFID tag and 2 locked doors
    • Hallway door insecure
  • Neighbors
    • G
  • High ceilings
  • 220 V
  • Size
    • Current space is underutilized - generally only 2 members present on non-open-house days

What don't we like

  • Garbage
  • Size
    • No space for new core members
  • No kitchen
  • Maintenance of the building
  • 5th floor
  • Scary neighborhood
  • Climate control
  • Mice


  • Woodshop
  • Welding
  • Kitchen
  • Better class space
  • Garage door
  • Pool, any
  • Pie
  • Better restaurants
  • Computer lab

Current Details

$750/month for 750 sqft

Future need spec

1000 sqft for $1000 with nominal utilities, dependent on neighborhood

Priority List

  1. $1/sqft
  2. Utilities offset by cost
  3. 100 sqft/core member + 250 extra
  4. Better internet
  5. Noise tolerance
  6. Tall Ceilings
  7. Access control
  8. Access to Septa, BSL, MFL
  9. Storage


  • New studio in 915
  • Neighboring studio
  • Two spaces

Links to spaces for review

Sign your entries 3rd and cherrycheap, next to indy hall and an el stop. retail space with ground floor entrance. parking in paid lots, or a few blocks north, or on columbus. Jack 818 Alter St Good price, parking free and not too hard to find. Eagleapex 9th & Spring Garden $1/sqft/year, min 1500 sq ft. crazy low Eagleapex combine 2 of these spaces $12/sqft/year Eagleapex nice one in Queen Village parking moderate Eagleapex walnut st retail!!! Eagleapex 13th st I think Jack found this one, but it's perfect. Eagleapex 4th and south soundproof walls and a kitchen! Eagleapex South Philly Bar Porbably has a cool counter for computers. Computer bar! Eagleapex Broad and Ellsworth Very close to a BSL stop. Eagleapex Broad and Snyder is pretty good Eagleapex passyunk and Cross Brendan said this was too expensive, but it's perfect too Eagleapex