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Pete Perreault

Hive76's resident techno-clown, I built and exhibit the Hivelord at our various events, such as Tech Week, Maker Faire, Magfest, and Burning Man (someday). By day I work on telecomm projects at a large passenger train company. My irc handle is ginman. My amateur radio callsign is KB1MSH.

Specializes In

Building artisinal mechanical keyboards, raspberry pi lifestyle, teensy microcontroller, Smash Bros 64, boat, msp430, linux, radio and telecommunications stuff. Knowing just enough software to get by.


  • Hivelord 2 - coming soon
  • Hivelord - Inspired by the world of Philip K Dick, the Hivelord is digital interactive performance art: an electronic mask and galactic persona that inverts the traditional photo booth, taking snapshots of viewers and displaying them on his face.
  • Mechanical Keyboards - custom designed mechanical clicky keyboards with LEDs, for your premium typing experience.
  • Desklamp - A raspberry pi, msp430, infrared remote, and some relays are united to control the lights on my desk. A python script can detect when I'm on the wifi network and change the LED colors accordingly.
  • Makerbot lightbox - What can't you do with some hot glue and LEDs?

Hivelord Albums