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(Logo) Welcome to the PLUG Into Hive76 page! Check out our official page at:



We want to build a simple robot to advance upon. Start with a simple task. Turn on a light, a motor, a solenoid, etc. Measure distance or temperature or light. Make something happen. Single board computer, atom processor, power adapter runs off big 9volt (see Far).


Documentation on various Linux/UNIX subjects.


Similar to geocaching, but with WIFI enabled servers instead of physical containers.

Programming Challenges

You're presented with a problem. Best solution wins.

Wargame Network

Network security Stratego on a separate section of the network was created so that members had a sandbox to attack and defend without worrying about compromising their own or someone else's systems and information. Hive76 weblog post, and PS One's weblog post.

Open Source Kiosk / LTSP

LTSP Server Project. An open source kiosk system. Project Page

Open Source Imaging Project

Launchpad Page: None yet Imaging Overview Partition tools: fdisk, parted, gparted Imaging tools: fsarchiver, partimage, clonezilla