Board Meeting Notes 2010-04-17

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Next Board Meeting

AGENDA for 2010-04-17 BOD Meeting Quoted from Far: 0) Updates from Officers, Overview of the events, etc since the last mtg. 1) Bylaws - We should can has some. PJ did some work getting a good start. Maybe he should be invited to present? 2) Nonprofit Status Update - We need to get an update, etc. Where we stand, and what to do next. - Sean (Shn Brdy shnbrdy@) has volunteered to help with this, he says: "As far as grants and tax exemption. I know of two quality organizations that would Fiscal Sponsor until Hive is approved by IRS. Grants can move ahead as there are sources that don't require." 3) Voting Policy - The group is not turning out to be a consistent showing for every-other-Wednesday meetings. We should talk over and recommend a better way to handle voting, since at this point the slow voting (and missing votes) is slowing down the organisation. We may want to go digital, move more discretion decision power into the Officers, or do something even smarter. ---2a) Elections -- when are next elections? 4) Grants Can we start to look at grants? 5) Officer Consistency When is our next officer election? Our officership has been A-OK, but a bit erratic (myself included). Sometimes very active, sometimes a bit slow to respond. We should talk over what we can do to make it more consistent and even keeled. ---4a) Burnout issues, are we burning through officers? Taxing people too hard? 6) Added by Jordan: update this wiki page! it is empty and just wrong mostly... 7) Brendan's suggestion: new member Party!! Let's meet each other and hang out. 8) member Survey to see how officers and BOD are doing. Let us know!!