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Jack is almost done making a USB Typewriter, which is a hack of an antique manual typewriter that allows it to operate as a computer keyboard. The goals of the project include:

  • Typewriter emulates a standard HID USB keyboard, and be recognized by any PC or Mac (who cares about linux?)
  • In addition to letters, numerals, and punctuation marks, the shift key, control key, and spacebar operate correctly.
  • The typewriter has a calibration mode which allows the user to map typewriter keys to letters/numbers etc.
  • The project is written for the Arduino Diecimiela, using inexpensive peripheral hardware.
  • The key-sensing hardware is dead-simple to install and should be adaptable to many typewriters without design changes.
  • All boards are two layers or less (except the Arduino board)

Currently (3/1/10), the typewriter project is almost complete.

  • Hardware, including sensing strip and USB interface board, have been prototyped using point-to-point wiring.
  • Hardware+Software prototype completed and operated correctly over Arduino's serial monitor (not USB)
  • USB functionality now being added
  • Sensing strip PCBs have been designed but not ordered

Still to do:

  • Apply for patent?
  • Order sensing strip and USB boards to interface with an Arduino Diecimiela
  • Complete USB integration
  • Test USB functionality on multiple platforms
  • Document project and create an Instructable