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Jotting down some ideas for the project for organizing and delegating for the event. Please provide thoughts/feedback/hopes/dreams/etc. I put a few things on the page itself that are pretty generic: goals, ideas, tasks, constraints. The original idea was to build a remote surgery robot, and extending that idea to ape the Eakin's painting that is the theme of the show, a series of robots to build a sort of "academic surgery theater for robots". At a minimum, that meant one surgery bot, one patient bot, and two to three "observer" bots. Obviously, that's a lot of work. It also only satisfies the interactive goal and not the take-home one. The theming is less of a concern for me because I think anything we build will be raw and mechanical, which will be pretty close to steampunk regardless. Making a one-to-one simulacrum of The Gross Clinic is just not feasible and I really want to get some kind of take-home into it. However, I still want to keep the robotic control system idea. I'm thinking the robot could mix the chemicals for the DNA extraction. Everything goes on under a hood (we rationalize "for safety") and it spits out a vial like a vending machine when it's done. Here are my thoughts on how this could work out to delegate tasks and be able to get a lot of work done with little overall effort on any one individual. I see this project as having several components, some of them optional, some of them non-functional, that can be built separately, refined, and pieced together to make the overall piece. I'll try to suggest simpler alternatives for each to provide for a road map that allows for adapting to foreseeable stumbling blocks. First and foremost is the robotic control system. This is the most complex and is the biggest unknown. What do we have in regards to parts already? Who do we have with the knowledge and time to build it? If we have to punt on this, I can see doing one of those isolated chamber work areas where you put your hands into the gloves integrated into the case. That will be kitschy enough to make for an interesting look. Second is the DNA extraction. The instructions that were given seemed pretty straight forward. Can we make some sort of mechanical dispensing system for the reagents? We also need a centrifuge of some kind built. If this could be built with a "mittened hand" constraint, then I think we'd be covered for integrating it into the piece regardless of if we get the robotic control system or the isolation hood. Otherwise, we just do plain plastic bottles. Third is the banner for the window. I'm putting this lower than the others because it does no good to have a banner if we don't have a thing. I think two color minimum, ideally three color. Did the vinyl banner get finished for whatever-we-were-doing-over-the-summer? The logo that we have on the site right now would be fine at a minimum, but I think it would be cool to incorporate the valance bees. Something along the line of the atomic age typography in signs and advertisements (something like this or this). Something like this got started before, but I think we have an opportunity to go really over the top here. Fourth is the vision system (I think the banner is more important). I would really like to do a stereo system because 3D is all the rage right now and ostensibly it's pretty easy. I'm doing work now with playing around with web cams, if I can get two running on the same computer at the same time then we're in business. Only thing I'm worried about is focus. If stereo isn't feasible, mono vision would be easy as pie, you don't really have to do anything beyond hooking it up to something like Skype. Fifth is finishing the aesthetic of the build. Maybe some extraneous Tesla coils or Jacob's ladders, some tubes with flowing colored liquids, Bunsen burners, steam vents, the whole mad scientist thing. Maybe even a Ruben's tube or four. Copper tubing, brass fixtures, even PVC painted with faux brass paint. This stuff all goes more or less around the piece to make it look like more than just a pile of motors and joints and such. Anyways, just a bunch of ideas, treat them as you wish. Capn midnight 18:55, 27 December 2010 (UTC)