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Agenda for 2010 December Meeting

  1. Space issues/complaints
    1. update from Chris/Brendan: good news
      1. someone on our floor had a 12' aluminum ladder go missing, blame set on Hive.
      2. G talked to jack, brendan and chris, diffused the situation with steve. no response from steve yet.
      3. open house rules board to be created
      4. wireless doorbell purchased
      5. jack paid $50 to register us for the open spaces event this weekend
      6. open house guest sign-up sheet
      7. open spaces sign-up issue
  2. Membership Levels - Core+ status? Personal desks, businesses, extra storage, donate storage, etc.
    1. Core+ should go away. only Chris at that level
    2. People running a business out of hive should be Core membership level
    3. Core membership can be granted certain amenities (extra shelf space, dedicated table/equipment) to be handle on a case by case basis
  3. Inventory Issues
    1. mark with post-it, name, date, date used/tossed
    2. colored stickers for item status
    3. photos of tossables for notice
  4. New Years Eve Party
    1. what kind of effort? who will make it?
    2. flier the hall/building for negative feedback
    3. find a neighbor to use for storage, compensate adult beverages
    4. advertise on geekadelphia, etc?
    5. how to fund it?
  5. Sponsors for Open House?
    1. IndyHall? Right Action? Bug Labs? MakerBot?
    2. have companies give us stuff, money, or attend open house for stuff
    3. makerbeam!!!
  6. Switching laser fundraising focus to Lasersaur
    1. capabilities? cuts wood and acrylic
    2. how much space?
    3. cost?
  7. Planning election of new Board member
    1. nomination ended 11/17
    2. election 12/8 @ 7pm, run by chris
    3. chris will notify georgia of the election
  8. Level of commitment for Philly Tech Week
    1. april ??
    2. open house every night of the week?
    3. one really big open house
  9. Avenues for more publicity
    1. contacts with technically philly and geekadelphia
    2. sean will reach out
    3. flyers - sean
  10. Open house project participation
    1. considered a responsibility of membership
  11. Getting an Officer listed on our TD Bank account (Board Member Far is the only one on it now)
    1. jack and adam will be on the bank account
  12. Blog Posts
    1. we need more content
    1. Where is it? Far has it? Chris will remind far to bring it in and ship it back out.
  14. Mini moo cards
    1. adam is making them!


I'm putting newer stuff under the heading, but at the top of the page Eagleapex 18:12, 30 November 2010 (UTC)