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Stepper Motor Driver Design Adam Kaufman is working on designing stepper motor drivers that are easy to make and assemble at home.

Design Goals

Design 1

This is a simple L298 board. If you have a microcontroller doing the hard work for you, and depending on your motors, this may be a good fit for you. Based off the Solarbots K CMD

Design 2

This design includes two logic ICs to control the step and direction and the L298 to control the actual motor. Kind of a composite of Design 1 and the Easy CNC Driver from this instructable

Design 3

This design is basically Design 2 with a somewhat failed attempt at a 555 timer to do adjustable PWM, which is required for my high-torque motors. Technically this design works (in a simulator), but I was having all kinds of problems making it work in the real world. I've considered a few other ways of doing this, but I kind of gave up at this point and ordered a couple L297s.


Jones on Stepping Motors