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(Links to spaces for review)
(Links to spaces for review)
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Relocation meeting. 10/5/11 8pm

Sean leading meeting

What do we like

  • Location
    • Spring Garden
    • Noise
    • Distance from residential
  • Parking
    • 10 parking spaces needed on a night
  • Near SEPTA
  • Free utilities
  • Security, RFID tag and 2 locked doors
    • Hallway door insecure
  • Neighbors
    • G
  • High ceilings
  • 220 V

What don't we like

  • Garbage
  • Size
    • Only 2 people here during the day -Brendan
    • No space for new core members
  • No kitchen
  • Maintenance of the building
  • 5th floor
  • Scary neighborhood
  • Climate control
  • Mice


  • Woodshop
  • Welding
  • Kitchen
  • Better class space
  • Garage door
  • Pool, any
  • Pie
  • Better restaurants
  • Computer lab

Current Details

$750/month for 750 sqft

Future need spec

1000 sqft for $1000 with nominal utilities, dependent on neighborhood

Priority List

  1. $1/sqft
  2. Utilities offset by cost
  3. 100 sqft/core member + 250 extra
  4. Better internet
  5. Noise tolerance
  6. Tall Ceilings
  7. Access control
  8. Access to Septa, BSL, MFL
  9. Storage


  • New studio in 915
  • Neighboring studio
  • Two spaces

Links to spaces for review

Sign your entries / 3rd and cherry] cheap, next to indy hall and an el stop. retail space with ground floor entrance. parking in paid lots, or a few blocks north, or on columbus. Jack 818 Alter St Good price, parking free and not too hard to find. Eagleapex 9th & Spring Garden $1/sqft/year, min 1500 sq ft. crazy low Eagleapex combine 2 of these spaces $12/sqft/year Eagleapex nice one in Queen Village parking moderate Eagleapex walnut st retail!!! Eagleapex 13th st I think Jack found this one, but it's perfect. Eagleapex 4th and south soundproof walls and a kitchen! Eagleapex South Philly Bar Porbably has a cool counter for computers. Computer bar! Eagleapex Broad and Ellsworth Very close to a BSL stop. Eagleapex Broad and Snyder is pretty good Eagleapex passyunk and Cross Brendan said this was too expensive, but it's perfect too Eagleapex