Proposal Process

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For Voting and accepting proposals, Hive76 uses the system below:

  1. We vote at Wednesday Meetings on the 1st and 3rd of the month (7:00PM sharp).
  2. To submit something to vote on, a member has to:
#write up a proposal, and post it to the Pending Proposals section of the wiki.
#They must also post the proposal to the mailing list, with the subject line starting with PROPOSAL:. 
#NOTE: the proposal might be modified during the voting meeting by those in attendance, as long as it sticks to the core idea/plan.
  1. Proposals are passed by 2/3 Majority of people attending the meeting.
  2. Members can select someone to vote for them by proxy at the meeting.

(temp note: adopted 2010.02.10 by voting at 'irc-because-of-storm' meeting)