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What's Hive76 working on?

Open House Projects

Project for Open House have their own page.

Project ideas

These can be ideas for open house activities, classes, events, collaborations, social stuff, whatever.

  • Tech basics series: "Such topics as How to Change Your Own RAM, Photoshop 101, Basics of Web Design or even How to Blog (we could even invite the local Wordpress MUG to help out and to cross pollenate both groups) might do very well if peppered among our standard offerings."
  • Hacking a cell phone into an old-school handset: "It seems that the elderly (late 80's, plus) just cannot deal with cell phones. The phones are too small, their buttons are too small, the whole phoning procedure is just to foreign. And these are our parents and grandparents, so we have a problem at times. What if we take a relatively advanced "old fashoned" phone -- one with push buttons, but otherwise a familiar object to the elderly, and convert it into a cell phone?"
  • Reversing clothes: Get a seamripper, boxcutter and scissors. Add shirts, pants, shoes. Take them apart and figure out how they're made. Bonus: Get or borrow a sewing machine and practice putting things back together or using old clothes as patterns for new clothes.
  • Printing castable wax with this stuff: [1]
  • 3D paper printing and printing molds for paper
  • Making food with dangerous chemicals
  • Purifying DNA like this: [2]
  • Insane water rocket idea: A lot of water bottles are about 3" in diameter. This means that they would fit pretty tightly inside a 3" PVC pipe (I think that the pipes are rated in terms of ID). ...
  • Cable making: How to make RJ45 and various audio cables
  • Event booth ideas:
    • MakerBot makes for a spectacle when its running. The noise alone would draw a crowd. We could sell trinkets and pendants; Hive76 logo


    • USB Typewriter might be something cool to roll out and display. It's quirky and anachronistic, not something you see every day.
    • How about some kind of solar cooker? Something a little more advanced than "tinfoil lined shoe box with hot dogs in the middle". Could you imagine how awesome it would be to cook a full breakfast with the morning sun?
  • Tech slam ideas:
    • To this end, I wanted to toss out the idea of "Tech Slams" -- kind of like the TED presentations -- you get 5 minutes to stand up and talk about something, and why it matters. Sort of a Maker open-mike ("Open Make"?). Ideally this would take place in a highly public location (e.g. a place like the Standard Tap, maybe).
    • Another "small world" idea (this one is a little bizarre) might be to augment the giant operation game with a tele-presence feature (i.e. remotely perform the operation on the internet, using a web-cam to see and a mouse or what-not to operate).
    • Here's an even more bizarre variant. What if you could hook up with puppeteers and make remote puppets (e.g. a puppet in Chicago being operated by a person in Philly). What if you had the puppets interact with a person doing a story slam. Oddly enough, Philly is probably the center of the puppetry universe in the U.S. and one of the guys on the FPA board is heavily involved in puppetry. It really *is* a small world ...

All Projects and Classes from 2011

All Projects and Classes from 2010

  • Neighborhood Bike Works - Built blinky odometers with 7 groups from the NBW summer camp
  • Trenton Ave Fest (Spring 2010) - We did a table to sell blinky odometers to raise $ to do a class with NBW
  • PCB Printing Class (Spring 2010) -
  • Linux Install Workshop (Spring 2010) -
  • Teh Art of Electronics(sic) (Spring 2010) - a *5 week!* class, covering the basics of electronics
  • Kids and Blinkies (Spring 2010) - We worked with a Kensington kids group to have an event of kids, lights, and fun.
  • Solar Jars for Families (Spring 2010) - We worked with a Kensington kids group to make solar jars with families.
  • Intro to Microcontrollers (Summer/Fall 2010)
  • Burning Zombie Dummy (November 2010)
  • USB Typewriter
  • New T-Shirt Logo - for our stuff
  • Smart_Door - Door/Access Automation
  • Guitar Effects Class - This is an ongoing class on how to build effects pedals for Guitars.
  • Mixed drinks - This is a series of classes on the history of mixed drinks - with drinking!

All Projects and Classes from 2009

  • MakerBot Class (Spring 2009) -
  • MakerBot_3D-PO - (Project/Equipment) Not really a project anymore, it's getting stuck here for now anyway.
  • Giant Operation - (Project/Event) Make:Philly asked us to halp make a life sized game of operation
  • New Space Party Winter 09 - (Event) planning for our open house.
  • PipeShouter - (Project) A clone of the classic "Tube Screamer" guitar effect.
  • MakerBot Heated Stage - (Project) Invented by Jordan, for a while it was sold by Makerbot Industries.
  • Puzzles - by jack

Dropped Projects