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What's Hive76 working on?

All Projects and Classes from 2011

All Projects and Classes from 2010

  • Neighborhood Bike Works - Built blinky odometers with 7 groups from the NBW summer camp
  • Trenton Ave Fest (Spring 2010) - We did a table to sell blinky odometers to raise $ to do a class with NBW
  • PCB Printing Class (Spring 2010) -
  • Linux Install Workshop (Spring 2010) -
  • Teh Art of Electronics(sic) (Spring 2010) - a *5 week!* class, covering the basics of electronics
  • Kids and Blinkies (Spring 2010) - We worked with a Kensington kids group to have an event of kids, lights, and fun.
  • Solar Jars for Families (Spring 2010) - We worked with a Kensington kids group to make solar jars with families.
  • Burning Zombie Dummy (November 2010)
  • USB Typewriter
  • New T-Shirt Logo - for our stuff
  • Smart_Door - Door/Access Automation
  • Guitar Effects Class - This is an ongoing class on how to build effects pedals for Guitars.

All Projects and Classes from 2009

  • MakerBot Class (Spring 2009) -
  • MakerBot_3D-PO - (Project/Equipment) Not really a project anymore, it's getting stuck here for now anyway.
  • Giant Operation - (Project/Event) Make:Philly asked us to halp make a life sized game of operation
  • New Space Party Winter 09 - (Event) planning for our open house.
  • PipeShouter - (Project) A clone of the classic "Tube Screamer" guitar effect.
  • MakerBot Heated Stage - (Project) Invented by Jordan, for a while it was sold by Makerbot Industries.
  • Puzzles - by jack

Dropped Projects