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What's Hive76 working on?

Ongoing Projects

Hackerspaces In Space - Launching weather balloon, with payload, into near space — a competition. Smart_Door - Door/Access Automation Beacon - The Hive76 Beacon New T-Shirt Logo Business Cards Guitar Effects Class - This is an ongoing class on how to build effects pedals for Guitars. Stepper Drivers Skateboard Electrics Window Farm Puzzles USB Typewriter

All Projects and Classes from 2011

All Projects and Classes from 2010

  • Neighborhood Bike Works - Built blinky odometers with 7 groups from the NBW summer camp
  • Trenton Ave Fest (Spring 2010) - We did a table to sell blinky odometers to raise $ to do a class with NBW
  • PCB Printing Class (Spring 2010) -
  • Linux Install Workshop (Spring 2010) -
  • Teh Art of Electronics(sic) (Spring 2010) - a *5 week!* class, covering the basics of electronics
  • Kids and Blinkies (Spring 2010) - We worked with a Kensington kids group to have an event of kids, lights, and fun.
  • Solar Jars for Families (Spring 2010) - We worked with a Kensington kids group to make solar jars with families.
  • Burning Zombie Dummy (November 2010)

All Projects and Classes from 2009

  • MakerBot Class (Spring 2009) -
  • MakerBot_3D-PO - (Project/Equipment) Not really a project anymore, it's getting stuck here for now anyway.
  • Giant Operation - (Project/Event) Make:Philly asked us to halp make a life sized game of operation
  • New Space Party Winter 09 - (Event) planning for our open house.
  • PipeShouter - (Project) A clone of the classic "Tube Screamer" guitar effect.
  • MakerBot Heated Stage - (Project) Invented by Jordan, for a while it was sold by Makerbot Industries.