Project Giant Operation

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Project Giant Operation (fall 09) We've been asked by Franklin Institute and Make:Philly to halp make a life sized game of operation, and have it installed and running by November 20th. There are existing examples of this project, like the one at this instructable.


Be available and ready to work a full day one of the days of each weekend: of Nov 7/8th and Nov 14/15. Sign up on a team. Agree to do you whatever it takes to get the thing done by Nov 20. Or if you can't spend time on it, donate to help make it happen at our Project Pledgie!


To make building fast, we have some 3 teams to work on this, based on the exampleat this instructable.

Team Woodworking:

  • 1) Far McKon
  • 2)

Team Foam Fake Organs

  • 1) Jack Z.

Team Electronics:

  • 1) Ryan Barnes
  • 2) Jordan Miller
  • 3) Adam Elkins
  • 4)

Team Painting, planning, pictures, etc:

  • 1) Far McKon
  • 2) Chris Thompson. Woot!
  • 3) Jordan Miller
  • 4) Adam Elkins
  • 5)

If we can get 3 full teams to work on this, I think it's a go.