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Hive76 Hackerspace is owned by it's Core Members, and we treat all members as part-owners in this awesome project.

Being An Owner (benefits and responsibilities)

As a member or an owner of the hackerspace, you are going to get a lot of benefits, and (of course) a few responsibilities to go with it). It's cheap to be member of Hive, because we run it ourselves (time-dues and money-dues). Benefits:

  • Awesome tools, some of which are hard to afford alone.
  • Great people with keen ideas to collaborate with.
  • Hardware and software at arms reach, and right in town instead of having to order and wait for things to get shipped in.


  • The overhead of decision making.
  • Keeping the space clean, and keeping others in mind when you use the space.
  • Taking extra time to teach members and visitors about what you are doing.
  • Occasional (and inevitable, even though we try) politics or interpersoanl problems that crop up in any group.
  • Money-dues and Time-Dues

The Physical-space


The Meta-Space


Running your space