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(The Physical-space)
(Storing things at the Space)
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= The Physical-space  =
= The Physical-space  =
== Storing things at the Space ==
== Storing things at the Space ==
*If it's out and unlabeled:
See our [[Equipment]] page for info.
**It's OK to use. Please email quartermaster@hive76.org if you use the last of it, and ask for a refill.
*If it's out and labeled with a persons name,
**check with the person, but you can assume it's loan to be used ifyou can't reach them
*If it's in a private box,
**keep your dirty hands off, unless given explicit permission by the owner.
= The Meta-Space =
= The Meta-Space =

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Hive76 Hackerspace is owned by it's Core Members, and we treat all members as part-owners in this awesome project.

Being An Owner (benefits and responsibilities)

As a member or an owner of the hackerspace, you are going to get a lot of benefits, and (of course) a few responsibilities to go with it). It's cheap to be member of Hive, because we run it ourselves (time-dues and money-dues). Benefits:

  • Awesome tools, some of which are hard to afford alone.
  • Great people with keen ideas to collaborate with.
  • Hardware and software at arms reach, and right in town instead of having to order and wait for things to get shipped in.


  • The overhead of decision making.
  • Keeping the space clean, and keeping others in mind when you use the space.
  • Taking extra time to teach members and visitors about what you are doing.
  • Occasional (and inevitable, even though we try) politics or interpersoanl problems that crop up in any group.
  • Money-dues and Time-Dues

The Physical-space

Storing things at the Space

See our Equipment page for info.

The Meta-Space


Running your space

Voting on things

The space is designed to run with minimum rules, and for only occasional need to vote on things. The following is the official way to submit something to be voted on, and how it's voted on.