Open House Projects

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We try to have fun activity for members and guests to participate in at every open house. Each member is responsible for volunteering one open house a quarter to supply the project and the materials involved.

This Was Awesome!

[DIY Glow Sticks] [Bristle Bots]

Let's Do It!

Talking Gift Cards Fun with Static Electricity Craft Robo lessons MSP430 Christmas Ornaments RFID Shielding [Casting Silicone] [Plushie Party] [Confetti Bombs] [Solderless Drawdio] [Tiny Oscillator] [Advanced Paper Airplanes] [BEAM bots - Audiotropes] [BEAM bots - Phototropes] [BEAM bots - Thermotropes] [BEAM bots - Radiotropes]

Well That Sucked...