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  • Declutter
  • Purge yard sale pile/shelf
  • E-waste/recycle run
  • Move PleaseTouch scrap wood to trash
  • Order moving boxes + packing tape + shrink wrap
  • Fill Hitchbot with whiskey
  • Desk plywood: cut 4x8 sheets to size, for easier transport
  • Reassemble water cooler
  • Schedule Comcast service move
  • Core members: pack totes. Let Matt know box needs for additional desk items
  • Basic members: pack totes
  • Light members: contact Matt if you have any items in the space to move
  • Label and pack each closet shelf into box
  • Shrink wrap electronic component drawers closed to avoid spilling
  • Secure tool chest closed, separate 2 halves for transport
  • Disconnect/remove projector, screen, mounts
  • Disconnect/remove stereo speakers
  • Disconnect RasPi and modulator from CRT
  • Remove CO detector
  • Inflate hand truck tires
  • Pack 3D printer and supplies
  • Disassemble and transport Pete's table (3D printer) back to his place
  • Prepare vinyl cutter for transport (remove from stand?)
  • Laser cutter
    • clean inside
    • disconnect and drain coolant
    • disconnect and remove vent from window
    • secure and pack all parts
  • Network: disconnect and pack modem/switches/VoIP/etc
  • Remove legs from tables
  • Disassemble soldering station
  • Disassemble core desks (instructions to follow)
  • Thaw/dry refrigerators
  • Drain water cooler internal tank
  • Reinstall closet shelves B-5, C-5, C-3. (stored on G-9, H-9)
  • Last: remove Schlage door lock, tape proof of purchase (Amazon receipt) to door