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Hive 76 Membership Levels


Hive76 is a Member Owned organization. We have two types of membership, and a 'friend' status, which for people that want to be involved, but don't want to be members.

  • Core Membership: $100 a month, for heavy users of the space
  • Basic Membership: $50 a month, for most people
  • Friend of Hive76: $15 a month, 'nearly' a member. Also commonly known as 'dismembership'

Core Membership

Core Members are people that have a lot invested in the space, and use it often for personal or (case by case allowed) small business or event use.

What you give

  • $100 a month
  • 4 hours a month working on a Hive76 project/event
  • 2 Class,Events, or skill-shares managed/hosted/run a year

What you get

  • 24/7 access to Hive76 for personal
  • Automatic permission to have group events (5+ people)
  • Core Members have priority on equipment and tools
  • The right to vote on and can block organization decisions*
  • Private storage locker.
  • At-cost use of tools and consumable parts (MakerBot, etc)
  • Permission to use all space equipment and tools (once trained)
  • The ability to check out some tools.
  • First dibs schwag and stuff.

Basic Membership

Basic Members want to help run and make the space work, and use it often, but maybe are not around as often, or are not as active on the current set of projects.

What you give

  • $50 a month
  • 2 hours a month working on Hive76 Project/Event
  • 1 Class, Event, or skill-shares managed/hosted/run a year

What you get

  • 24/7 Access to Hive 76 for personal projects (sign-in *required*)
  • Minimum overhead cost for classes or events run at Hive.
  • The right to use any/all equipment when a Core Member is not using it
  • The right to vote on organization decisions*
  • 1/2 of a shared locker for on site storage.
  • Can reserve the space for group events (5+ people)
  • Permission to use all space equipment and tools (once trained)


A Dismember uses the space once in a blue moon, or just likes to drop by during open hours. The don't want to help run the space too much, they just want to use it once in a while.

What you give

  • $15 a month & no time on projects

What you get

  • Access to the space during classes, open house, or when other members are around
  • Weblog and private mailing list access
  • Discount on classes and events
  • Permission to use most space tools and equipment (but not all)


Hive76 is owned and run by it's members, so we are a bit careful about how we accept new members.

  1. First you probably should go join the Discussion List, and drop by for a few Wednesday night meeting/open houses. Get to know us. This is a shared space, and to make it run well, we need to know personalities mesh well.
  2. After you get to know a few people, ask someone to sponsor you. You might have to ask a couple of people, or get to know an existing member a bit before they will sponsor you. If you don't have an existing member to sponsor you, no worries, we'll help find someone to sponsor you.
  3. Fill out our new member form. Also send an email to the discussion list with a little bio info, and mention who your sponsor is.
  4. Core/Basic Members: Since these members get full access to the space, we give members a short time to object if they are concerned about a new member. If there are concerns about a member, we will do a formal discussion and formal vote to accept the new member. Core and Basic memberships begin at the beginning of the following month unless otherwise arranged.
  5. Start paying your dues.
  6. Finally, you will be contacted to make sure your keys, blog, hive-email, and other facilities work. You also should get a formal 'shelf by shelf' tour of the space, so you know where to find tools, parts, and equipment to use.


For major space decisions, Core Members + Basic Members vote. A proposal is passed by 2/3 majority. Core Members can block if they absolutely can't live with the outcome. A 'block' can be overridden if everyone else (except that one core member) votes to override it. Lite members are encouraged to be part of decision making, and can participate in discussion. Their votes are recorded and announced, but don't count towards the 2/3 majority. More on our voting process can be found here.


Effective summer 2010, we have not been having regular meetings, issues are often discussed on the mailing list instead. Hive meets weekly before Open House. On the 1st and 3rd week of the month, we have a *voting meeting*, which is (basically) just a meeting where members vote on any open proposals. About every 4-6 weeks we have a Management Meeting, where the officers get together, and talk about how the space is doing, and coordinate the next set of things to do to make the space better. Once or twice a year we have a 'Board Meeting' (which will be required once we're a nonprofit), followed by a BBQ or Party. The 'Board Meeting' will probably take all day, and will be planning for bigger things to come. This is where we BS, dream big, and remember how awesome the past year was.