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DRAFT, not adopted by Hive76 as official Hackerspace Management The management of Hive76 consists of the following officers/office The management is elected every 6 months, and replacements are elected at the next montly meeting after someone resigns a position. In all of these the goal is to get things done and out of the way, so people can keep making and doing things quickly and smoothly,not with overhead and hassle. Having these officers will make it faster/easier to do things (and not slower/longer/more-painful).

Quarter Master

The quartermaster manages the physical space, and makes sure it runs smoothly, is reasonable clean and usable.


The quartermaster manages the finances and dues (cash and work time) and makes sure it runs smoothly, is reasonable clean and usable. They also manage the calendar of events.

Chief Technological Officer (CTO)

The CTO keeps the website, mailing lists, and IRC channel running, and up to date.


Keeps track of internal business, makes sure meetings and events happen. They keep an eye on the state of offical projects.


Instigator is the public face of the space. They try to find new members, find people to teach classes/skills, events, etc