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Our Hackerspace Management

The management of Hive76 consists of the following officers/office The management is elected every 6 months, and replacements are elected at the next monthly meeting after someone resigns a position. All members of management are responsible for making themselves available to members to discretely address issues within the group.


Office Currently Held By: Chris Terrell

President is the public face of the space. They try to find new members, find people to teach classes/skills, events, etc

  • The President ensures democracy takes place amongst the board, the management and the members of Hive76.
  • The President is the contact for outside groups or people to contact, not related to publicity
  • The President presides over all member, and board meetings
  • The President checks up on all management roles to assure they are being completed
  • The President makes emergency decisions when necessary


Office Currently Held By: Matt Yarema

The Quartermaster manages the physical space, making sure it runs smoothly and is reasonably clean and usable.

  • Makes monthly trips/orders of parts
  • Allocates space and storage to new members
  • Checks the space to make sure it's kept clean
  • Organizes regular cleanups
  • Sets rules on how the space is used and makes sure they are followed for safety/sanity
  • Keeps inventory and such


Office Currently Held By: Daniel Provenzano

The Book Keeper manages the finances and dues, and makes sure they're managed run smoothly.

  • Monthly review of the finances
  • Updating the board/members of current financial status.
  • Keeps track of what dues members owe
  • Coordinates reimbursements of expenses for classes and general supplies
  • Can approve expenses between $10 - $50.

Chief Technological Officer

Office Currently Held By: Jonathan Frederickson

The CTO keeps the website, mailing lists, and IRC channel running, and up to date.

  • Watches for SPAM in comments and mailing lists
  • Monthly checks the 'check in' sheet to add people to the announce mailing list
  • Encourages people to edit the wiki, or contribute to the weblog
  • Manages who has access to what online accounts
  • Sets up new members with wiki/weblog/server admin, and teaches them to use the stuff.


Office Currently Held By: J.D. Kramer

Keeps track of internal business, makes sure meetings and events happen. They keep an eye on the state of official projects.

  • Keeps track of keys, forms, paperwork, etc.
  • Runs the monthly meetings, and makes a list to current happenings for the last month sent to the members.
  • Makes sure the monthly letter gets sent to the announce list.
  • Keeps (or appoints a keeper) of official meeting minutes when they are needed
  • Responds to curious people who contact the account

Events Coordinator

Office Currently Held By: Charlie Affel

Events Coordinator coordinates events. This person will not plan events on his/her lonesome, but will instead help teachers and members make events.

  • have periodic planning meetings to delegate individual events to responsible members and officers.
  • He/she will establish a best-practices for holding events,
  • ensure the quality of events being held, and make sure that anyone who wants to run an event has all the necessary knowledge and resources
  • Keeps track of calendar of events (both in planning and happening) to make sure events don't collide
  • The Event Coordinator is NOT in charge of the email sign-in-sheet but probably will end up doing it anyway.
  • The Events Coordinator will write nice thank you's to people that run classes or events.


Office Currently Held by: Christine Pukropski

The publicist ensures that Hive76 maintains a positive presence in online and in Philadelphia

  • Communicates with newspapers, blogs, and other publications
  • Posts related links to various link aggregation and social networking sites
  • Gives tours of the space, and can direct questions to an appropriate individual, including management
  • Probes members about projects, photos and videos to post