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DRAFT, not adopted by Hive76 as official

Our Hackerspace Management

The management of Hive76 consists of the following officers/office The management is elected every 6 months, and replacements are elected at the next monthly meeting after someone resigns a position. In all of these the goal is to get things done and out of the way, so people can keep making and doing things quickly and smoothly,not with overhead and hassle. Having these officers will make it faster/easier to do things (and not slower/longer/more-painful). All members of management are responsible for making themselves available to members to discretely address issues within the group.

Quartermaster - Brendan

The Quartermaster manages the physical space, making sure it runs smoothly and is reasonably clean and usable.

  • Makes monthly trips/orders of parts
  • Checks the space to make sure it's kept clean
  • Organizes regular cleanups
  • Sets rules on how the space is used and makes sure they are followed for safety/sanity
  • Keeps inventory and such
  • Speaks in Pirate Voice when they feel like it

Book Keeper - Sean M.

The Book Keeper manages the finances and dues (both cash and work time), and makes sure they're managed run smoothly.

  • Monthly review of the finances
  • Updating the board/members of current financial status.
  • Keeps track of what dues (cash and work) members owe
  • Wears one of those little green visors whenever possible
  • Coordinates a quarterly budget proposal to be submitted to members/board for voting.
  • Can approve expenses between $10 - $50.

Chief Technological Officer (CTO) - Adam K.

The CTO keeps the website, mailing lists, and IRC channel running, and up to date.

  • Watches for SPAM in comments and mailing lists
  • Monthly checks the 'check in' sheet to add people to the announce mailing list
  • Encourages people to edit the wiki, or contribute to the weblog
  • Manages who has access to what online accounts
  • Sets up new members with wiki/weblog/server admin, and teaches them to use the stuff.
  • Says things like "return on idea investment" "web 2.0" and "synergy" without irony.

Secretary - Chris T.

Keeps track of internal bidness, makes sure meetings and events happen. They keep an eye on the state of official projects.

  • Keeps track of keys, forms, paperwork, etc.
  • Makes sure someone does 'scrum' every meeting
  • Runs the monthly meetings, and makes a list to current happenings for the last month sent to the members.
  • Makes sure the monthly letter gets sent to the announce list.
  • Keeps (or appoints a keeper) of official meeting minutes when they are needed
  • responds to curious people who contact the account

Instigator - Mike Hogan

Instigator is the public face of the space. They try to find new members, find people to teach classes/skills, events, etc

  • Is the contact for outside groups or people.
  • Joins the monthly Hackerspace call in
  • Advertises open hours
  • Gives tours of the space, talks to the newspapers, student groups, etc
  • Looks good behind a podium

Events Coordinator - Dan T.

Events Coordinator coordinates events. This person will not plan events on his/her lonesome, but will instead help teachers and members make events.

  • have periodic planning meetings to delegate individual events to responsible members and officers. Or Far.
  • He/she will establish a best-practices for holding events,
  • ensure the quality of events being held, and make sure that anyone who wants to run an event has all the necessary knowledge and resources
  • Keeps track of calendar of events (both in planning and happening) to make sure events don't collide
  • The Event Coordinator is NOT in charge of the email sign-in-sheet but probably will end up doing it anyway.
  • The Events Coordinator will write nice thank you's to people that run classes or events.