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We make things awesome, and we make awesome things. Hive76 is a Hackerspace & DIY Space in the middle of Philadelphia. We are owned and run by our members, and provide resources to make awesome things, and find great friends to tinker with. Read more about us.

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General Information

Visitor Advice is probably what you want to read first. Then you can read more About Us, or stalk our Current Members. If you're less of a stalker, and want to get involved and interact with people check out our Discussion List, or find out how to become a member and get some Membership Information. Or you can check out the FAQ. For members, you might want to scope out the Owners Manual. For space business, we also have an official Proposal Process writeup and a page of Pending Proposals.

Groups that meet at Hive76

PLUG Into Hive76 Philly Cocoa iPhone Deviation

The Philly Area for Hackers

Links here are for pages that identify sites of interest for Hackers, including tech suppliers/sources, and the Unofficial Philly Tech Tour.


We are currently accepting hardware donations. There is a list of things we need / use a lot of here, but we will usually take anything you don't want. Please contact us if you would like to make a donation Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.